XNepali on Palpa, Dhaka Topi and National Identity

As part of Republic Day celebration at Nepal Blogs, here is a post on Palpa, Dhaka Topi and National Identity.

chukaune_mahotsabTansen is a small ancient hill town situated 4300 meters above sea level. Palpa, common name of Tansen city located in the Western part of Nepal is located in Palpa district, one of the 75 geographic districts in Nepal (see map below). The beautiful place is located on the way from Pokhara to Butwal and is considered one of the beautiful places in Nepal.

Major attractions here are the ancient culture, excellent mountain views, serene atmosphere and friendly people. The weather here makes it a pleasant place to visit in any season. On clear days Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, Gauri Shankar and other peaks can be seen.
Dhaka – the most popular hand woven cloth of Nepal comes from this region. The Nepali topi (national cap) is made of Dhaka and You can see the weavers at work on their looms or see a bazaar of Dhakas in Tansen.

It is believed that the migrant from Kathmandu valley, specially the Newars played an important role in enriching the architecture and culture of Tansen, and this can be seen today in Tansen.

The place is made popular by Palpali Dhaka, a cloth used to make the National dress in Nepal. The Palpali Topi is a cap worn by many males in Nepal. The unique cap is only available in Nepal and is considered one of the National identification.

Popular Palpali products are:

  • Palpali Dhaka (fabric and its products)
  • Palpali Karuwa (Metal water bottle)

The hat is made of a fabric called Dhaka, which is also used for a type of blouse, a dhaka-ko-cholo. The word topi means “hat” in the Urdu language. Ganesh Man Maharjan invented the Nepali topi, in the town of Palpa. Following are the different design of Nepali Caps (Topi) made from Palpali Dhaka:

dhaka_topi_3 dhaka_topi-5

Dhaka_topi dhaka_topi_2


Chukauni Festival in Palpa

Chukauni is a traditional food which is made mixing curd and boiled potatoes. The festival also exhibits the culture and tradition and products from Palpa district.

Shared with permission from XNepali. Originally published on June 19,2010. For information on Palpa’s heritage and visiting Tansen, check out Visit Tansen.


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