Copyright/Sharing Circle of Concern

In this page we list sites which have shared Nepal Blogs’ posts, but have failed to provide back link, credit or do not list name of the author.

We will also share posts of other Nepali bloggers which have been shared improperly. If you like to share, please  post it as a comment.

Nepal Travel Blogs, shares our post on #civilvig debate but no back link.

Updated June 08,2011.

Nepal Travel Blogs continues to post articles from Nepal Blogs without proper back links. So, we have send a short reminder to them and hope that they will fix things. Here is the latest offender,

Nepal Travel Blogs, shares our post on American Nurse in Nepal, without backlinks.

At, this blogger has shared number of articles without author’s name, credit or back link.

Creeping Rockfoil shared our post And We Get a Memo from Kantipur, without any back links.

Picher Plant shared our post on Tweet for Cause Nepal, without back link.

MethoYomari copied post from XNepali, without any credit or back link.

Gazhal from our Nepali contributor Rabindra Rijal, originally published at his blog was shared without credit, back link or author’s name in this page.




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