Civic Activism

Nepal’s Finance Secretary was unceremoniously sacked or forced to resign (dependes on your preception), last week.

His departure has angered many-current Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist and Leninist) (UML) government’s opposition, civic activists and the youth.

While the opposition parties are demanding answers from the Finance Minister who allegedly created a hostile working environment for the Secretary, some young people are working on organizing a civil vigilance movement.

Blogger Ushaft has detailed outline of the proposed movement.

“Well, here’s an opportunity to try to change things a bit.

We might be unsuccessful, but we might gain some momentum, create a critical mass of people for some similar incident in the future, or achieve some other nice goals on the way. We should not forget that people coming together on the internet social networks have achieved wonderful things in the recent times (read Middle East, Wikileaks etc). Let’s aim in bringing the Secretary back to  his office and creating an environment where he can work independently and in his full capacity. Let’s hope that we’ll succeed in teaching the politicians a lesson and that they do not dare to do similar things in the future.”

Second tweet debate took place today, Friday April 1st, and looks like support for the movement is growing and participants are now planning concrete steps to draw attention to their cause.

Our role

Nepal Blogs is non political. We support citizen lead movements, which are not based on ideology, and are organized with clear purpose of greater common good.

This movement is a worthy effort and we are happy to support them. If you would like to contribute posts on this effort, please send them at bhumika_g at


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