Mrs Nepal Controversy (?) and Bhuwan KC

You know you are seriously behind the curve when headlines like these seem new to you weeks after the event.

Browsing through Nepali entertainment industry news, came across few interesting posts. Mrs Nepal Beauty Pageant turned out to be huge let down and Nepal’s beloved Bhuwan KC was allegedly beaten up by his girl friend’s husband.

MithoYomari XNepali says,

“After the divorce with his wife Shusmita, actor Bhuwan KC used to be seen with a married woman named Sharmila Dangol. Bhuwan used to introduce Sharmila as his girlfriend and he even told that they were going to marry soon.

Sushmita is reportedly seeing a new boyfriend. It is suspected that Bhuwan has found the new girlfriend to show-off that he can also have girl friend. Known to be a Playboy in Nepali movie industry, Bhuwan KC is linked with many females in the industry.

In a report, the husband of Sharmila Dangol pulled Bhuwan KC out of his vehicle in Koteshowr Chowk and beat him. The incident occurred at about mid-day on Saturday, May 14. The husband accused Bhuwan of stealing his wife for the money she has. At that time, Sharmila was driving and Bhuwan was sitting on the front seat. Sharmila’s husband who was driving a motorcycle reportedly beat Bhuwan KC with his helmet. It is told that he also beat Sharmila. When Bhuwan KC ran away on foot and police arrived at the scene, they took the couple to the traffic police office in Koteshowor.
After the analysis of their driving license, it was proved that they were husband and wife, and the police released them without further investigation.”

Just like a movie plot, isn’t it. Also, I find it kind of surprising that in Nepal, affairs like this are taking place. Girlfriend’s husband! that term wasn’t in the vocabulary not that long ago. I guess Bhuwan KC is behind the change.

Then there is Mrs Nepal contest. XNepali has a short post on the event,

“The beauty contest of the married women, Mrs. Nepal 2011 was held in the Army Club Kathmandu on Saturday, May 21, 2011. In the event, Rojina Gurung was awarded the crown of Mrs. Nepal 2011.

The first runner up of the contest was Mrs. Archana Sharma and second runner up was Mrs. Devi John Bhadari.

A total of 22 married women in the age range of 18 to 40 years, from all over Nepal, had participated in the eve nt was organized by E-planet.”

He does not discuss the controversy behind the scene. MithoYomari says that the contest was not fair and even suggests that there was huge financial mismanagement,

But again the program could not escape from controversy. The program in among the audience may have seem normal but there were lots of politics going on backstage. According to the source, it is known Rojina Gurung the main title holder may have won by her abilities but first runner up of the program Mrs. Archana Sharma won the title only cause she had booked the hall for the show. Also, there were lots of stealing of about 60,000 in the program among the contestants in the program. And the management could do nothing for this case.”

Quite serious allegations but no major news sources and blogs have commented on this. Perhaps the contestants themselves would like to clear the air?
Editor’s Notes, updated June 09,2011.
We were sent a link by XNepali, which clearly showed that MethoYomari in fact copied his/her post on Bhuwan KC from XNepali’s blog and posted verbatim without any attribution or credit.
This is serious copyright violation and Nepal Blogs condemns such acts of dishonesty. So, we have edited the post to link to XNepali’s post-the original one.
Also, in light of MethoYomari’s dishonesty, we believe that the post on Mrs Nepal controversy does not seem trust worthy.But  instead of deleting it, we have applied strike-through so that you can make your own judgement

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