Nepali Women’s Global Network

Nepali Women’s Global Network(NWGN) is our newest supporter!! Thanks to the wonderful NWGN family. We will be posting updates on NWGN and their projects periodically. Here is a short introduction to start off.

Bishnu Thapa is their new President. She is working as an interpreter for Language Service Associates and as an advocate for the Asian Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project. Thapa is also President of America-Nepal Women’s Association of Greater Washington (ANWA).

Biva Ranjeet is the Vice President. She is a Project Manager at Kauffman & Associates, focusing on educational research and evaluation in underserved communities.

Here is a complete list of current office bearers and past presidents. I served as General Secretary from 2008-2010.

NWGN is an advocacy organization and

“promotes networking, support and self-reliance among Nepali women through education, advocacy, service and collaboration with groups with similar missions. Our dreams and goals are viable and we need your support to meet our dreams and goals.


  • To foster a supportive global network of friendship and understanding between Nepali women and other women.
  • To collaborate with national and international organizations with similar missions on events, activities and projects
  • To create global regional chapters of the Nepali Women’s Global Network.
  • To represent and advocate for the interests of Nepali women and other women in general.
  • To provide leadership training and opportunities to participate in the affairs of the organization.
  • To promote citizenship and civic involvement.
  • To support women in crisis through a consultation networks, peer support, confidential social service referrals and resource pooling.”
Theme of their conference in 2010 was Looking Back Moving Forward: Gender, Culture and Power.  USNepalOnline has details of the event.
If you are interested in membership, you can find the forms here. Read the bylaws (very important if you are considering being a member) here.

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