It is There: Rays of Hope in Nepal

It is tough, I must admit, to see positive energy in Nepal and keep believing that one day, some day this country will achieve all that it is capable of.

Series of political mishaps and social upheaval has pushed Nepal to a corner. Not getting into the politics and all the mudslinging that comes with it, let us just say that the country is in desperate need of renewal and hope.

So here is some. May 29th is Nepal’s Republic Day and at Nepal Blogs we are celebrating by highlighting the positive and accepting the negatives as an opportunity.

This is first post marking the occasion and we are highlighting three projects started by the youth, with strong social component.

Tweet for Cause Nepal (@tfcNepal)

Harnessing the power of social media through Twitter to fund raise for social causes, Tweet for Cause Nepal shows that technology and service can go together. For updates on their latest projects, visit their blog or following them @tfcNepal.

Nepal Unites

They are the ones who exposed the hidden C K Lal, the one who is not fan of new technology or young people participating in civic process. Suddenly citizen media, social networking, fed up young people and Facebook are IN  in the Nepali media thanks to a rally organized by Nepal Unites through Facebook. They are part of change Nepali political scene needs-more young people and less violent strategy. Like them at Facebook or follow them @nepalunites.


A non-profit tackling sensitive issues like HIV AIDS and sustainable development, Yuwa may be just another advocacy organization amongst sea of NGOs and INGOs in Nepal. But it stands out by rejecting the traditional style of leadership they completely youth run and lead, and also by being courageous enough to discuss “Feminization fo HIV in Nepal”. That is a big undertaking!

Visit their site for more information.


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