Wake up Call for Nepali Congress

  1. Nepali Congress demanded that murdered Poudel be declared a “martyr” by the government. Important to note here that he was facing murder charges.
  2. गुन्डा मरेपछि सहिद हुने पार्टी कुन हो ? #NepaliCongress
  3. To push their outlandish demand, Nepali Congress imposed “bandha”-forcing the country to shut down.
  4. When we go beyond the culture of Nepal Bandha!? There are other ways to protest..
  5. प्रजातन्त्र न्याय र शान्तीको लडाई रे यो ।यी शब्दको कती दुरुपायोग गर्छन यिनिहरु । #NepaliCongress
  6. why this nepal banda, nepal banda, nepal banda di??
  7. Looking at the negative reaction-both on and offline, directed towards the bandha and Nepali Congress; it seems the goal posts have changed for Nepali political parties. Yes, they can still make mockery of the system but they better be prepared for the backlash and ridicule. And if this backlash is allowed to solidify. they are in serious trouble. Let this be a wake-up call for Nepali Congress.

2 thoughts on “Wake up Call for Nepali Congress

  1. (1) Shiva Poudel was accused, not convicted for murder.
    (2) He was attacked (killed) in police custody.
    (3) NC goes the same old way.

    It’s quite surprising to see less/minimal public outcry over (2) which I think is more serious than (3). And, yes, strikes are to be condemned.

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