Hyper Local News Sites in Nepal

Nepal’s current mainstream media landscape geared more towards reporting political, entertainment and social news and analysis. Focus on the macro level issues has meant local stories get relegated to couple of lines in the inside pages-unless they fit the breaking news category.

Growth of citizen media/social networking/blogging is pushing local issues into the national and international arena.Collaborative sites like Mero Report are an important part of highlighting the local issues, especially since it has a bilingual (Nepali and English) approach and encourages posts in regional languages too.

Facebook and Twitter also play important role in facilitating discussion on local community level issues. This Facebook page on the indigenous people of Nepal, and they also have an active Twitter account.

Using regional languages makes hyper local sites accessible to many who would have been left out otherwise. The national media-especially print media’s  attitude towards regional languages has contributed to the information gap in the country and it has also alienated those who do not have working knowledge of English or Nepali.It is strange that there so much being invested towards English language journalism and yet local languages are completely ignored.

This Facebook page is on Newa issues and most of the posts are in Nepal bhasa. They also tweet in Nepal bhasa @newa_issues. Similar efforts are needed to strengthen reporting and exchanges in other regional languages, for instance Bhojpuri, Maithali, and Tamang.

Earlier we discussed how a “Huffington Post” for Nepali blogs could help energize and publicize citizen media in the country. Adding hyper local news initiatives to the mix could really widen the horizon for Nepali citizen media.

List of Nepal (includes diaspora) focused Hyper local news sites

Last updated  Dec 13,2011  11:20 PM(EST)


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