Nepali Bloggers, in English

Random list of of Nepali bloggers, who blog primarily in English.

A Altruistic Blog: Poetry and personal . Not updated regularly.

A Libertarian in Nepal : If you are not sick of Ron Paul already, this is the place to see libertarian-ism- through Nepali eyes.

A Prelude to Perfection : Personal, literary and random general interest topics.

Blogdai: Nepali and regional politics, not updated regularly though.

My Frame of Reference: Science and technology.

# She Thinks to Herself: Personal.

# A Room with a View : Personal.

# Nepali: Personal, literary and politics.

# Dearest: Literary/personal.

# Guffadi: Political and social (with humour).

# Chandan Sapkota’s Blog: Economics, development.

United we Blog for Democratic Nepal: Politics, current affairs.

XNepali: Entertainment, current affairs.

# The Radiant Star : Current affairs, media.

# Ushaft :Politics, current affairs, media.

Why this list? Ok, the bloggers have not bribed me to share the links and this is definitely not a marketing campaign.

During National Novel Writing Month(November) we focused on Asian and Asian American issues. It was a great learning experience and we hope that you will find the compilation of posts we published earlier today helpful in understanding issues facing the community.

Encouraged by the experience, we are going to study Nepali blogosphere for the next two months and that is where the list comes to play. We will focus on these blogs (list of Nepali language blogs is here).

So see you tomorrow!

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