Selective Abortion and Failed Integration

Sex selective abortion, female infanticide and discrimination against a girl child is pushing gender imbalance in many parts of Asia, specially India and China.

Reports from India’s latest census shows that millions of girls are “missing” because of selective abortion and infanticide. China’s one child policy is clashing with the country’s deep cultural preference for boys, forcing many families to go to the extreme.

It is easy to say that this troubling and inhumane development is confined to Asia and cannot happen in the western world.

Wrong. Immigration/migration has brought this problem into America and Europe. Selective abortion is practiced in number of Asian communities living in the US, as this Slate article shows. In the UK too selective abortion is taking place, according to this BBC report.

This problem has deep roots-boosted by specific religious and culture practices. The fact that families in US and UK are aborting baby girls shows that the education and exposure to different ideas and lifestyle are poor deterrents.

This also shows the failure to integrate in a meaningful way.

A family living in America or Europe, choosing to kill a baby girl shows that we are failing to integrate immigrants when it comes to accepting specific values, and are satisfied when we see outward signs of integration like clothing styles or food habits.

The values- respecting life, honoring women’s role in society and equality, they are in fact human values, not just Western values; but in countries like India and China they are being overshadowed and the West they are at least practiced with force in public sphere.

So why are certain communities holding out on these human values? Why are they reluctant to let go of old ideas concerning gender and equality?


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