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I would like to share a short list of recent posts on Nepal and things Nepal bloggers fancy. They are thought provoking and out of the box, thoroughly enjoyable.

# Ban cars from downtown Kathmandu? Frankie Taggart asks.Could be a way to deal with the long traffic jams and crazy streets, but I think a ” congestion tax” can also work. You decide .

#Shameful dereliction of duty by mainstream Nepali media. Ushaft writes how some reporters actually supported trafficking of children instead of the effort to rescue them.

#Dr Divas cannot find accommodation in Kanyakumari, India because of his single status. Unfair?. I remember us visiting Kanyakumari and Vivekananda rock years ago (1997 I believe) and the rules were the same! Looks like they do fear single men there.Not sure about the rules for single women though.

Anything I missed? Let me know.


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