Blog Action Day: Twitter Coverage

Blog Action Day 2011 was yesterday. This year the focus was on food and global hunger.

Do you know that if managed and distributed properly, the world has enough food to feed us all? And yet every year, thousands face hunger and food security is a major global concern.

Here is how twitter verse discussed Blog Action Day and food.

“@DFID_UK: In case you missed it > RT @usaid: @RajShah: #WorldFoodDay represents our year round efforts to end #hunger #BAD11”

“@awdf01: Read a post on ‘Rural women’s contribution to food security’ via #WorldFoodDay #BAD11”

“@OECD: In agriculture, small is beautiful: Duncan Green’s blog on importance of investing in farmers #BAD11

“@MennoWorld: MWR : The moral ambiguity of food distribution #BAD11 posted Oct. 16 #mennonite”

It was mostly about hunger, food distribution and also the importance of eating local. Missing issues- hunger in countries outside Africa, especially in places considered to be “safe” like the US and how climate change affects the situation.

But the mass effort was impressive, thanks to all the participants and organizers.

3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day: Twitter Coverage

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