Nepali Revival, Inspired Observation

Yesterday at Twitter three Nepali tweeps were having a very lively discussion. I wasn’t part of it, but decided to follow anyway. It was on Nepali values and need to revive our culture and community.

“@ushaft: .@Ujjwol @BiplavPradhan आजकल नेपालका सबै समस्याहरुको कारण बहुप्रचार गरेर यहाँको संस्कृती, इतिहास नै हो भन्ने जबरजस्ती स्थापित गराईँदै छ 1/2”

“@Ujjwol: @ushaft @BiplavPradhan माओवादीहरुले संस्कृतिक किचलो मच्चाएर राजनीतिक लाभ उठाइ रहेका छन् ।”

“@ushaft: .@BiplavPradhan @Ujjwol हाल जातीयता र अधिकारको नाममा उठाइएका उग्र नाराहरु इतिहास, संस्कृती आदिप्रति तिरस्कार र घृणा जगाउन प्रयोग हुँदैछन्”

I touched on the issue in my previous two posts from Washington DC. Nepal has deep social and cultural issues, some developed during the Pachayat rule and some have been around since the country was founded. There are also problems stemming from the Maoist insurgency and changing geopolitical realities. And this shouldn’t be a surprise because no country in this world is prefect, problem free paradise. Everyone has baggage.

In Nepal’s case, tragedy is not the seemingly unfixable issues but the way the country and the people are dealing or not dealing with it.

Like Ushaft mentioned, instead of dealing with sensitive cultural issues with compassion and understanding, an avalanche of negative campaign against Nepali heritage and values is going on. Instead of being proud of our heritage, we are being fed a diet of negative narratives by the media and various organizations.

I have lived most of my adult life outside Nepal and rarely heard anything bad about my country from a foreigner. They admire Nepal’s beauty and friendly people. Even when they are aware of our problems, there is kindness. Why can’t we, Nepalis, love our own country?

The cloud is negativism and self loathing is nauseous. I am not saying we should ignore our issues and be pompous self important big mouths, but at least take pride in our being.

Ushaft, Biplav and Ujjwol say we need a renaissance movement to revive Nepal. I agree and hope it starts soon.


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