Your Political God

STOP. If you are a religious person,this post might offend you,although that is not my intention. I don’t mean to hurt or attack any religion or anyone. This post is personal observation. I respect your right to be religious, hope you honor my freedom to express and dissent.

I don’t believe in God. The idea of one supreme being who created this earth, life and everything we see around us-far away galaxies and planets included, is just too much for me to accept or believe.

Evolution, big bang- granted all theories, still present loads of doubt about the idea of “God”. I am just not convinced.

All major religions- Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, describe a God who seems very narrow and obsessed with his/ her influence on us. He/ she seems more like a control freak than a loving, open being who accepts you as you are and as you want to be.

And God also has a woman problem, when we look at him through religion.

If you examine closely, religion is more like a strong structure intent on preserving the status quo. Women, minorities and the undesirable others are never favored and one way or the other they have a plan to stop their true emancipation.

Bible establishes a man/ husband as the wife’s master, Hinduism teaches that husbands are to be respected and obeyed like God himself and Islam too is not very kind on women.

Even after thousands of years of human civilization being controlled by religion, women are not free and discrimination against various “undesirables” is still strong. Why?

If God is loving and merciful, why is he so against women and minorities? Why am I less than my brother, why is my daughter less than her male cousins?

You may say, God is fair, people have just twisted his message. Ok fine, how do you explain less than loving words to women in the Bible-which is supposed to be directly from God himself?

How to explain Hinduism’s conflicting message, God Ram banishes his dutiful wife to the jungles, but then celebrates the Goddess Durga-symbol of strength and valor?

The God we see through religion is in fact the real deal. The smoke screen of his words being twisted and take out of context came later, when the masses started questioning and the establishment needed to keep the system going.

The systematic and conscious discrimination against women and minorities propagated by major religions proves that the idea of God is a powerful social tool to serve the rulers and keep the dissenters at bay. It is not there to heal or help the people, the regular people.

I personally see no honor in aligning myself with such political God who is unwilling to accept me and my femininity.

So what about all the holidays and festivals? Since I don’t believe in God, should I celebrate?

I do celebrate holidays,Nepali holidays , because they are part of my identity.Most of the festivals and observations are actually more cultural than religious. For instance, this is the time to celebrate a good harvest. Thanking mother God runs closely with Dashain’s theme of honoring the mother Goddess Durga.

Festival of Holi, Tihar and the numerous jatra’s and dances have strong cultural and social basis. Hindu religious practices have influences them but they have strong cultural foundation too.

However there are purely religious observations like Ram Nawami, which I do not observe.

It is important I repeat here that being non religious does not mean I do not honor my culture. I am a Nepali and will always remain so, I just don’t accept the idea of God and the regressive system called “religion”.

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