My Uncle’s Kathmandu and My Washington DC

My uncle visited Kathmandu, for the first time, when he was a teenager. The city fascinated him. Bustling roads, glittering shops, big houses and the phenom-electricity(!).

For a boy from a small village in Nuwakot, Kathmandu was a different world, a different planet.

Yesterday, I found myself in similar situation. My only advantage-yes, I was familiar with electricity and I had experienced automobile ride.

Washington DC, America’s capital fascinated me. A huge contradiction and a huge question mark. On the outskirts, the city is suffering. Dilapidated housing complexes dotted the scene, with groups of young men and women looking lost and dejected.

City’s homeless population also took me by surprise. In the world’s most powerful nation’s capital, it is hard to accept the people are living in such desperate situation.

Move a little towards downtown and you see a different world.Washington DC is a beautiful city,history adds to that. Wealth and influence also shines throughout the city. You just know when you have made the transition from the ” undesirable” section of the city to the better side.

That is just so unjust and tragic. Right under Jefferson and Lincoln memorial, as Martin Luther King is watching; America carries on as usual, even in sight of such gap between rich and poor.

My uncle saw hope in Kathmandu, he saw possibilities. After pleading for days with his parents, he was allowed to join a government run school in the city. He was certain that the break would give him the opportunity to succeed in life. Kathmandu presented life and dreams for my uncle and for my family. I am not sure if my daughter sees the same in Washington DC.


Washington Monument.


The Justice Department, a homeless person sleeping on a bench nearby.

Last updated 3:47 PM EST


US Capitol


One thought on “My Uncle’s Kathmandu and My Washington DC

  1. cool great writeup , i lava kafle was 1.5 yrs old when i first came to kathmandu from Dolakha district nepal and can feel the reality then and now. Yes, in DC, NY everywhere, too its same. Yes Success is how we achieve as mentioned here. I too had many hardships but success nowhere till now at age of 35. Still fighting to see the end of the tunnel. Thanks Author for such a real true heart rendering fact of human life when we migrate.

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