+1: Nepali Blogs and Bloggers Who Rock!

For a while, I have been thinking about writing a post on Nepali blogs and bloggers. Today, a day after 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal and parts of India, I feel compelled to do this post-as a thank you note. Without their timely, regular posts and updates, it would have been very difficult for me and the diaspora community to get the news on time. Mainstream media’s lumbering ways just don’t cut it in times of national tragedy.

Nepali language must read bloggers

Dipak Bhattarai, short, strong posts on hot button issues.

Dinesh Wagle, with International/regional perspective.

AakarPost, great personal stories and tech stuff too.

Mysanar, has lost the cozy blog feel and has morphed into a more big media moonlighting as a blog phase, must follow nevertheless.

XNepali, posts are in Nepali and English and the entertainment section is especially popular.

Shabda, Dhaiba’s blog is a treat for who love Nepali language. Great literary sense and quite poetic.

Archana Shrestha, well she was my class mate in college so I will not write more about her blog- it may sound trumpeting, but do read and you will understand why it is so popular.

And many many more..

This list is not complete and will never be complete, just a small token of gratitude. Even with all the difficulties of daily life, especially electricity issues for those in Nepal, you continue to share and inspire dialogue. Thank you!

Thanks to Aakar, I have updated the list and added blogs.

Prbht, politics and technology.

DAcharya, short stories, travelog as technology.

ENepal, his Twitter handle is playful and changes frequently, but serious blog on tech issues.


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