Deadly Wakeup Call

Thank you for following our Nepal earthquake update yesterday. 24 hours have passed since the tremors were felt in Nepal, and parts of North India. Reports of damages, injuries and casualties are still coming in.

According to Kantipur, the 6.8 magnitude quake has claims 8 lives in Nepal.

The number will rise in coming days as reports from hard to reach villages trickle in. The epicenter was close to remote villages of eastern Nepal, with limited transportation and communication tools.

In Kathmandu 3 people died when British embassy’s poorly maintained wall collapsed. Republica reports that the British ambassador has met with victims’ family and expressed sympathy.

The government has offered aid of NRs 25,000 for those injured and 100,000 for the family of deceased.  to the family of deceased, 100,000 compensation has been recommended by a Government committee( but has yet to be finalized).


No details on how they plan to help the villages where number of houses have collapsed- winter is approaching and Nepal’s biggest holiday Dashain is just 9 days away.

It is also important to note here that just hours after the earthquake struck, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai left Kathmandu to attend United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

He did not wait for the death/ destruction picture to clear up before leaving. At Twitter, some Nepali tweeps noted the fact with disappointment.

After all, people do have pinned lot hope on this Prime Minister. Was that too soon?

Some bloggers have shared their experience,

Aakar Post in Nepali.

MySanar has CCTV videos from department stores, capturing quake’s effects.

Nepali Blogger on the quake, English.

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