Nepali Maid in Bahrain Flees Over Wage Dispute

A 28 year old Nepali housemaid in Bahrain has fled her Pakistani employers’ home, alleging non payment of wages.

According to Daily Tribune,( p 4) Bahrain’s English daily, the maid had been working for the family for last three years.

“It was for the past two to three months that she had been complaining of non-payment of wages.Because of this, she decided to run away and seek shelter at the Nepali Club.”

The Club is now looking after her well being and has arranged temporary accommodation with a Nepali family, until the dispute is resolved.

It is estimated that about 30,000 Nepal migrants workers are employed in Bahrain, yet there is no Nepali embassy in the country. Embassy in neighboring Saudi Arabia looks after the affairs, and has “deputized”-according to Daily Tribune, the Nepali Club to look after workers’ welfare.Interestingly, Brazil-with minuscule number of Nepalis, has a full fledged Nepali Embassy,same with  South Africa.

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