Nepali Migrant Workers Missing

The tide of Nepali workers seeking opportunities in the Middle East and Gulf states is showing no sign of slowing down. Now that manufacturers and big businesses are once again being targeted by politically well connected labor activists, Nepal’s employment numbers are bound to rise, further fueling the exodus.

It is troubling that although Nepal relies so much on it’s migrant workers, little is being done to protect them and safeguard their interest. Women workers are especially vulnerable.

Two stories published today in Nepal’s major papers show that urgent action in needed to protect workers.

NGOs report that nearly 300 women bound for Gulf states are missing and may have been trafficked.

There are also reports of 22,000 Nepali women working in Kuwait illegally. These women are especially vulnerable to abuse.

Nepali government and local Nepali organizations need to work together to stop this cycle.Regional efforts to safeguard migrant workers are also necessary.

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