Wikileaks, Nepal and the Media

Wikileaks is making waves in Nepal, thanks to some pretty scandalous and surprising revelations. United We Blog for Democratic Nepal is doing a great job of posting relevant cables, for instance this one on secret meeting between Nepali Congress leader Girija Koirala and Maoists supremo Prachanda in Singapore exposes deep nexus between the Maoist leadership and the business community.

Businessman Dinesh Manandhar accompanied Prachanda in the trip, and got a Singapore based telecom company to pay for the trip. Manandhar is a partner in that company.

The cable has Manandhar under “strictly protect”, but now that seems impossible. The link has been exposed, and he is not the only one.

This cable has listed The Kathmandu Post’s editor Akhilesh Upadhaya as “Embassy Contact”. The Post is the largest selling English daily in Nepal and part of the Kantipur family-the country’s media powerhouse. Mr. Upadhaya is a respected name in Nepali journalism, but this revelation certainly raises questions. What does an “embassy contact” do or doesn’t do, does it in any way affect his work as an editor of a prestigious paper?

Unfortunately, while the Nepali media is relishing on dirt exposed by the leaks on Prachanda and various other political figure, media personalities and the business insiders exposed have escaped any examination.

This shows Nepali media’s split personality. They are eager to discuss everyone but themselves.Why? is it because there are too many skeletons in the closet?


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