Nepal’s New Prime Minister

So, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is Nepal’s new Prime Minister.A quick glance at Nepali bloggers’ reaction:

Pradeep Kumar Singh at Nepali Blogger, ” He is the fourth Prime Minister in last three years since the country has (sic) turned republic. ”

Aakar Post has compiled Twitter reaction to Bhattarai’s victory.

XNepali has a short post on Bhattarai and a photo blog.

It is quite clear that the Dr. has revived hope for a better country. Series of failed experiments had pushed the people to the limit and they were beginning to question the validity of the constituent assembly and also the entire political system.

Bhattarai’s days are not going to be painless. His party has struck up a deal with the Terai based parties to ensure majority in the Constituent Assembly. Failure to fulfill their demands will cripple his administration, possibly take his government down. He will also have to delicately manage Nepal’s minefield of a foreign policy, which is bound to get messier following the Lumbini debacle.

His biggest challenge, though, will be bring back supremacy of law in the country, and his own party may turn out to be the biggest hurdle.


One thought on “Nepal’s New Prime Minister

  1. great write up on new prime minister dr babauram bhattarai , he is not maoist but a truely nepali people love him like that not as his political affiliation

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