Anna Hazare, Nepal and a Big Confusion

Nepal is locked in its own turmoil after resignation of Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal, but that is not stopping some from injecting themselves into the massive drama(not a humanitarian or national security/interest issue, in which the zeal is understandable and permitted), unfolding in neighbouring India.

Anti corruption activist Anna Hazare and his supporters are locked in a battle of wits against the Central Government. They want the Jana Lokpal Bill (Citizen’s Ombudsman Bill) which according to them, will curb corruption and can even investigate the Prime Minister(with permission from seven members of the Lokpal Bench). They have a draft proposed and have major differences with the one proposed by the Government.

The Government, for now, is refusing to allow the law to be drafted on the streets of New Delhi-where Hazare and his supporters have been staging massive rallies and wants the law making procedure to be handled by the parliament and its members( like it has always been in India)-with input from Hazare camp.

Enter Nepali zealots and you have to wonder is this country suffering from schizophrenia?

Nepalis chafe and complain whenever India invites itself into our mess. We see it as interference and don’t want any part of “Indian expansionism”. Well, India has been an uninvited and unwanted guest at many occasions, but look at us. We are doing almost the same.

Yes, our government is not sending envoy to New Delhi to discuss the Hazare situation but the people are too happy idealizing Anna(for some he is the new Gandhi!); and bemoan the Indian government’s attack on democracy.

Some of my dear compatriots rained down on India, conveniently ignoring the irony of the situation. We feel attacked when the Indian media talks about our problems, but our media is comfortable cheering team Anna. And now there is this ridiculous movement springing up, where protesters are going on a hunger strike-just like Anna, for the Constitution, as if hunger strikes have never taken place in Nepal!

Living so close to each other and with our complex relationship, it is natural for Nepal and India to take interest( sometimes unwanted) in each others affairs. But before we Nepalis go around cheering Anna Hazare and wish someone like him could lead similar movement in Nepal, take a moment and think.

Anna Hazare is pushing for anti-corruption action and his team has presented their demands to the Central Government. Yes, the GOVERNMENT. You see India still has a functioning government, do we have one? NO!

Indian Prime Minister Singh wants the Parliament to take the lead in drafting the Bill. Wonder..they still have a functioning parliament in India!

For people of a country which is uncomfortable with national issues being featured by Indian media, sees new Prime Minister every other month, and is functioning without a proper Constitution, it seems wee bit patronizing to lecture and chide its neighbour which (with all its flaws) still has a functioning system.

Lets fix our house before we go around lecturing others.

PS: I recommend Guffadi’s take on this, for a humorous break.


One thought on “Anna Hazare, Nepal and a Big Confusion

  1. The Govt. should thank Sh. Anna Ji, today, because of him, Govt. could get chance to restore his credibility in masses. It is upto Govt.if It has learnt a lesson or not.If, Still, the Govt. adopt dilly dallying attitude, the awakened public will send it into the be wilderness. It will be Historic Moment of New Change for India, the day when this Bill is passed by the Parliament and Implemented. In number of ways, Anna Ji created History,everybody should salute him.

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