The Redoubtables: Bibek Bhandari Profiles Nepal’s Rising Stars

To mark Nepal’s Republic Day (May 29th), we compiled a list of young achievers and go getters, who represent a different side of the country. It was a very positive and uplifting experience, and I am happy to share a similarly positive post.

Bibek Bhandari, correspondent for Republica Daily, has profiled a couple of  Nepali achievers in his post titled These people are redoubtable.

“These people have inspired me in some way or the other, whether to believe in your dreams, keep trying to attain my goals or just be someone or do something that you can really be proud of.

And this week, as we worked for our youth special, I came across some what I call exceptional young people, who are bold enough to make things happen, who have returned to Nepal from foreign lands to make a difference in their community and who have proved themselves despite the challenges.

Talking to these young people has certainly inspired me.”

Read about Kanchan Jha, Devi Acharya, Nina Tiwari, and Subha Kayastha’s inspiring work and spread the word.


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