Nepal, 1948

I am total history buff. From Victorian England to the Ottoman Empire, anything that is dated/old or speaks of times gone by- I love it. It just seems so glamorous and endearing, I mean don’t you love to looking back and say ” that was the time before electricity, or modern medicine”! Even thinking about my teenage years, without Internet, makes me tickle.

Talking about Nepali history, especially the Rana period( which ended around 1948, after more than a century of autocratic rule) stands out. The British were right next door(India), and the whole region was going through huge transformation. While patriotic fervor and desire to get ahead was gripping it’s neighbors, Nepal was unfortunately held hostage by the Ranas, who saw any kind of development effort as a threat.

As they Saw It has post on 1948’s Nepal. You can compare the county’s situation then- how the autocratic rulers were holding the country back,to the country now. We have come a long way, but it could certainly be much better for Nepal.


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