Nepali Women and their Place in Society

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is doing a commendable job by putting a spotlight on Nepali women and their place in post conflict society. Global Post correspondent Hanna Ingber Win and student fellow Anna Tomasulo are sharing stories from Nepal, focusing on maternal health, child marriage, and women’s rights.

Hanna is now on her way back to Mumbai, and will share more from her reporting trip to Nepal. Please visit Global Pulse (Global Posts’s blog on health issues) for more. In her post on maternal health and rural development, Hanna discusses her meeting with a health and social justice activist Asmani Chaudhary, and the struggle to provide rural women access to health care, especially maternal and postnatal care.

Her most recent post is on Nepal’s political turmoil and how it affects health care programs.

“The political situation affects Nepal’s healthcare system in a number of ways. First, the frequent turn over of ministers creates a situation where little progress can be made because much time is devoted to convincing each new minister of a particular program or approach, Bidhan Acharya, an associate professor in the department of population studies at Tribhuvan University, told GlobalPost.

The political system also exerts great influence on the health sector as some politicians put people from their own party, whether the most qualified or not, to fill top positions.

There is a strong feeling of frustration with the government in Nepal, and critics argue that the politicians are so busy fighting among themselves they have little time to work on the nation’s development”

Meanwhile, student fellow Anna has shared post on child marriage and maternal health care in Nepal’s remote Dolakha district. Her recent post is on Nepali women and their place in society, where he discusses relevant issues with women’s rights activist Rita Thapa.

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