Nepal, as Seen by a Visitor

For a Nepali, many things happening in the country may seem obvious, natural or just ordinary. I remember, as a teen in Kathmandu, I used to believe that eve teasing or harassing girls on the streets happens around the world. I was so wrong, there are places where harassment is not taken lightly.

Reading a visitor’s account of Nepal is perhaps the easiest way to take a step back and examine ourselves. It is like reading a focus group’s take.

Alice Verheij discusses in detail her concerns for Nepal. She lived in the country for 5 months this year and laments it’s political instability, rivers turning into garbage dump and the attacks against the press.

Sure, some see commentary like this as a fly by attempt to pass judgement in a country one knows little about, but It is wrong to dismiss visitors who express concern about Nepal. Instead of seeing it as a judgement, Nepal has to see this as an opportunity to examine itself.


One thought on “Nepal, as Seen by a Visitor

  1. Namaste,

    Well well, I am honoured by this. Truly I am. I write about Nepal out of love for the country and people and with deep concern for the country. I might be a foreigner but I am not foreign to Nepal’s challenges. My tone is critical but hopefully read as loving for your amazing country. I just hope that Nepali people read between my lines of criticism and understand that my concern is heartfelt and true.

    Kind regards,
    Alice Verheij
    writer, film maker
    The Netherlands

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