Kathmandu Literary Jatra

For three days in September (16-18) Kathmandu will host literary jatra. Patan Durbar Square complex is the selected venue and writers,poets from 10 nations will take part in various workshops, discussions and readings.

The Wall Street Journal has a post on the jatra-which portrays a positive and inviting picture of Nepal,and similar literary fest coming to India’s Kashmir.

30 local writers and poets are also taking part in the jatra, which will hopefully provide them more exposure and expand their audience base. The list of speakers though, is a bit disappointing. There are no representative writers/poets from Nepal’s indigenous languages (other than Newari); and Maithali and Bhojpuri representatives are also absent.Since this is the first time literary jatra is coming to Kathmandu, shortcomings are bound to occur. I hope that next year there will be more diversity.

Personally, I am excited to see that couple of my favourite writers will be speaking at the jatra. I have deep admiration for Karna Shakya and Momila Joshi. Deepak Adhikari, AFP journalist and translator, who I have come to know through Twitter(thanks social media!) is also a speaker.

Visit jatra’s Facebook page or follow them at Twitter for updates. Dipak Bhattarai has blogged(Nepali) about the jatra and also about the Nepal Literature Festival; and the big coincidence (?) behind two international literary fest taking place for the first time in Kathmandu within days of each other.

It is interesting to note that the Festival has a more diverse (more representative of Nepali literary scene) list of speakers and just two international writers participating.

Last updated 12:29 AM EST.

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