Caste Baiting as a Refuge, Hideous Attempt to Dismiss the Code of Ethics

I am back again, discussing the Nepali Bloggers’ Code of Ethics. It is not fun repeating the same thing again and again but please..I have good reasons.

So, Nepali Keti-a Nepali blogger/tweeple posted quite lengthy dismissal of the code of ethics at the Republica Daily. She is free to call the code “an attempt to institutionalize” blogging in Nepal or that the effort to establish-voluntarily, a standard of behavior at Nepali blogosphere as a creeping censorship. Yes, the accusations are miles away from truth-since the code was drafted by a group of bloggers and no institution or organization of legal authority was involved the charge of “institutionalization” is as real as Gyanendra writing his own speech. That the charge of “censorship” is as trumped up as Donald Trump’s net worth, Nepali Keti, a free citizen of Nepal, is welcome to live in her own land of manufactured reality.

My only issue is she used one of the most hideous mode of hedging a debate possible-caste baiting. She opines

“Last week there was a flurry of activity on twitter as Nepali bloggers wondered what this “historic beginning” and ten Bahun-Chhetri men signing a bloggers “code of ethics” meant (over at Ujjwal Acharya’s personal blog, ”


For Nepali Keti the fact the these random men happen to be Bhaun-Chettri is enough to summarily disqualify their effort?Yes, she has complained about censorship and institutionalization effort, but to mention caste in the  opening lines surely means that she believes in it more than on the other causes.

How petty. In today’s Nepal and in today’s world, where we are working to create an equal and equitable society, it is indeed poverty of ethics and moral grounds to judge an effort solely on caste/ethnicity based reasons. How would Nepali Keti react if her work is rejected by a reader because she is a woman or because of reason other than her intellectual ability?

For now Nepali Keti has succeeded in getting page views and some rave reviews for her supposed audacity ( well..she challenged the “authority” of Bahun-Chettri men bloggers cabal), but her pettiness in using sensitive issue like caste for few quick and cheap shots is truly sad.

I hope she gets back to being herself-witty and sharp, without using sensitive issues as hedges.





3 thoughts on “Caste Baiting as a Refuge, Hideous Attempt to Dismiss the Code of Ethics

    • the code suggested by o’reilly looks good. we can incorporate some of that into our code of ethics. you are right, there is no point in inventing the wheel, we can benefit from what others have done before us and learn from their experience. in our code’s case, i believe, the intention was to start a debate on ethics and blogging in nepali context and not necessarily start the whole thing from scratch.

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