Married at 13, Mother by 14

Child marriage, even with all the programs launched by the government and the private sector against it, is a sad reality for many Nepali girls.

Global Press Institute reported on a village near capital Kathmandu where girls as young as 13 are being married off. 14 year old mothers and expectant mothers are seen as normal in that village.

And this is not an isolated case. Pockets of indifference are spread all across Nepal.

Hanna Ingber Win, India based correspondent for Global Post is now in Nepal- trekking across various remote villages, to report on child marriages and health.

You can read her posts here.

She has been tweeting about her trek and her experience at the villages, meeting young mothers and curious kids. Follow her @Hanna_India. Here are some of her recent tweets from Nepal.

“@Hanna_India: Crehpa head quoted Nepali proverb: If mother has a son, she will get a feast. If she has a daughter, she’ll get pumpkin #childmarriage”

“@Hanna_India: grandpa, 70 going on 90, said impt to marry girls young. If she went & had affair w/ some man before marriage, she’s on her own. #nepal”

“@Hanna_India: met a tiny young girl carrying for toddler daughter & baby niece. baby’s mom died of TB 5 months ago #nepal @pulitzercenter @globalpost”


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