Cloud Computing and a Nepali NGO

Technology often confuses and frustrates those outside the geekdom. An NGO with limited resources can use a helping hand. Technology is so
much more than being able to send an email from office or drafting a document, it can provide vital support to an organization when used optimally.

A Nepali NGO- Foundation Nepal,got help from Enclude to use cloud computing to ingrate their database and website with Microsoft Outlook.

Enclude also worked with them on streamlining project management, intranet and fine tuning basic Office computing. All of which will help Nepal Foundation to have a smooth work computing environment so that that can focus on other more important things.

Microsoft has a global program that donates software to charities. Partnership between Foundation Nepal and Enclude is featured in their blog Microsoft Unlimited Potential Blog

If you would like to share information on he software donation program with your favorite charity, please their website here.


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