Moving Forward: Huffington Post Model or Global Voices Approach?

Nepal Blogs was officially launched on May 12, 2011, with an aim to promote Nepali (from or focused on Nepal, not just Nepali language) blogs and citizen journalism.

So far, looking at the data, it seems that our approach has been off the mark.

We usually re-publish posts, in entirety,with credit and link to the original post towards the end. We had hoped that the readers, if they enjoy this post, will then visit the original blog for more.Unfortunately, there was very little traffic going out from our blog.

But when we provided just a short paragraph or introduction to the post and asked the readers to follow a link to the original post, we were able to send readers to the original blog.

Since we started the blog to promote and support Nepali blogosphere, sucking out traffic from the blogs goes against our aim. We want to see these blogs grow and thrive, and steady stream of traffic and reader interaction is necessary for that.

Bill Keller, editor of The New York Times criticized Huffington Post for their approach towards aggregation.

““Aggregation” can mean smart people sharing their reading lists, plugging one another into the bounty of the information universe. It kind of describes what I do as an editor. But too often it amounts to taking words written by other people, packaging them on your own Web site and harvesting revenue that might otherwise be directed to the originators of the material. In Somalia this would be called piracy. In the mediasphere, it is a respected business model.”

For the moment, we do not have financial stakes, still our current model of aggregation( some shared posts published in entirety and some with short introduction and links) needs to change. We do not want to be the Somali pirate of Nepali blogosphere.

So, from now on Nepal Blogs will not re-publish posts from bloggers. We will instead adopt the Global Voices(GV) model. For their updates section, they provide a short, one paragraph introduction to the post and a link. Our posts have been featured at the Nepal Updates section and have received steady  traffic.

We will have original posts (Bhumika Ghimire); but the focus will be on sharing links.

Thanks for your support and we hope to discuss better results next time.


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