Nepal vs Canada[Update]

Nepal’s inning is off to a shaky start against Canada. 11 overs, 2 wickets for 27 runs.(ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup qualifying)

Nagarik News is live tweeting the match, @nagarikdaily. Compared to previous matches, more Nepali tweeps are discussing the team’s performance today. Tag is #nepvscan.

You can find live score and streaming here.

Updated 7:09 AM EST

Nepal 43 for 3, 17 overs.

In other cricket news, interesting bit from Media Foundation,

“@mediafound: Nepal: Cricket Association signs 3-year deal with NTV for live telecast rights, will get 6 lakhs rupees annually”

Shows Nepal’s love for cricket is turning into serious business, hopefully cash flow will help the sport and players too.

Update 7:28 AM EST

Nepal loses another wicket. Now at 22 overs, 4 wickets, 55 runs.

Here is how some tweeps reacted when the 4 wicket went down,

“@someshverma: Sagar goes, trying to improve run rate and pull to midwicket… Nepal Under-19s 56/4 (22.1 ov) #U19WCQ #nepvscan”

“@anupdgn: Both set batsmen OUT. अब हमारा क्या होगा कालिया !!!!”

Update 7:40 AM EST

Nepal loses 5th wicket, 25 overs 66 runs. Team is in serious mess and has to play patient but consistent game to set a decent target for Canada.

Updated 7:44 AM EST

Wickets falling faster now, 6th man gone. 27 overs, 67 runs.

Updated 8:06 AM EST

Another one falls, Nepal really struggling 7 wickets down, 33 overs 76 runs.

Updated 8:12 AM EST

Ok this ship is sinking, Nepal loses 8th wicket. 35 overs 78 runs.

Updated 12:30 PM EST

Canada defeats Nepal by 3 wickets. For more please visit the this page .


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