Bloggers’ Code of Ethics: Sham Controversy and Pointless Fear

Some bloggers are seriously upset over the recently introduced code of ethics for Nepali bloggers. For what? As I have discussed in previous post on the issue, this is an entirely voluntary effort launched with an aim to install a minimum common standard of responsible blogging and discourse.This is not censorship, and has nothing to do with one group of bloggers lording over the others.

If you are not satisfied with the code, you are free not to sign. What authority do we, as bloggers and ordinary citizens,have to “censor” any blog? Censorship works when one party is in position of authority, which is not true in this case. So, please drop this “creeping censorship” line.

On the question of one group of bloggers lording over others and using this as a platform to gloat and shine, well of the 10 bloggers who have already signed the code, how many have since tried to boast about their achievement and hogged the limelight? So far, the discussion on this issue has been limited to the blogosphere and Twitter.In Nepali context, these two avenues do not constitute publicity heaven.

Our media is at a phase where sundry writers and so called journalists throw dirt at grass roots efforts to organize the youth through social media, for 15 seconds of fame and then gloat about their “rustic credentials” incessantly. Compared to those nauseating fry on the pans, I can confidently say that the code signers have exhibited character and decorum.

Yes, the code needs to be adapted for personal and literary blogs and it can use some tweaks here and there.But it is acceptable to me even at this “work in progress” stage and I don’t have any problem declaring to my readers what my values are.

So with pride, Nepal Blogs will abide by the Code of Ethics from this day August 2, 2011 Tuesday forward.

One thought on “Bloggers’ Code of Ethics: Sham Controversy and Pointless Fear

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