Token Feminism and Poor Me!

The debate over Code of Ethics for Nepali bloggers, raised an interesting question. Credit goes to blogger NepaliKeti, I was unaware.

The group of bloggers who worked on the final draft of the code happened to be all men. I did dish out my 2 cents after Ujjwal Acharya proposed a code for Nepali bloggers. But had no role in drafting the final code, which was signed by 10 bloggers(also all men) during a ceremony.

How should I take this “all men” thing?

Compared to Nepali male bloggers/writers, number of female bloggers is certainly small. In that small community, there is no dearth of talent and vision though. Then why are these girl bloggers not seen or heard when it comes to important  issues related to their craft. No female presence in drafting or signing of the code of ethics, majority of op-ed writers in leading papers (Nepali and English) are men, and major newspapers, so far, have not had female editor in chief. World of words and world of ideas and opinion in Nepal is a frat house.

Call to action for feminists;  but is token feminism the answer? If a woman gets to be in a committee just because of her gender, it is a failure actually.She should be there because of her work and vision. Pity positions do not help.

I am sad to see that Nepali female bloggers are behind the curtains, but to pity their position and console with token feminism would be even worse. I am sure than one day,they will be on the forefront-on their own terms and merit.


3 thoughts on “Token Feminism and Poor Me!

  1. And even NepaliKeti will not come since she doesn’t want to disclose her identity, though she can pour her ideas online. So, its worthless that she pointed out these things. Ranting on blog and pointing out things is easy, but when its time for action, no-one come in front. And now its just ‘Token’…

    It’s not about male and female, its about how one can actively participate in these things. I think, some female blogger might have heard about it, before. But no-one dare to came on the front row. I do not blame male bloggers rather female bloggers.

  2. I do not pity NepaliKeti/ or whoever is behind that name.
    I think the power of blog came from anonymity– lets not just forget that.

    However, for the male and female issue: the topics is so useless to talk about now. Is it even relevant?
    If a blogger can come up with ideas, no one will scratch for your gender.

    The question shall be, “What next?”

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