TedX Kathmandu: A Positive Start

Saturday July 29, first TedX event was held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Technical difficulties in live streaming and gaps in publicizing aside it was a largely inspiring and positive event.

The speakers, ranging from religious trail blazer to a South Asian gay rights icon, presented their ideas and hopes for new Nepal. It was very different from usual cynical political discussions that dominates Nepali discourse.
A shot of positive energy for the country at a time of frustration and confusion.

At Twitter, some Nepali tweeps commented that the speeches were very much ” run of the mill” and lacked the wow factor. True, much of what was said was pretty standard; but it was still interesting and inspiring. I guess, since this was the first event of it’s kind, the speakers and the organizers sought safety in standard perhaps? But that certainly does not diminish it’s impact and what it could achieve in future.

Events like TedX and upcoming BarCamp Kathmandu provide opportunity for the young people and the community to learn, share and do some good. Nepal needs these events to energize the youth and revitalize it’s economy- with fresh ideas and innovations.

I hope that next year, TedX Kathmandu will invite more participants, fuel better interactions and speakers willing to challenge the norm.

Aakar Post gets thanks for live tweeting the event and thank you TedX Kathmandu organizers. For videos and information on speakers, visit TedX Kathmandu home page.


2 thoughts on “TedX Kathmandu: A Positive Start

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