Nepal vs Vanuatu[Update]

Nepal is off to a flying start at ICC U-19 World Cup Cricket qualifying rounds against Vanuatu.

Nagarik News live tweeting the match( in Nepali). Follow them @nagarikdaily. During previous two matches- against Afghanistan and Scotland, no major news organizations were live tweeting or streaming. So this move from Nagarik is welcome and shows they are aware of the tournament’s popularity among Nepali audience and also the influence of social media/ Twitter.

ESPN CricInfo has live score updates with stats.

Score update:

Nepal is batting, 148 at 32 overs.

Update 9:24 AM EST

Nepal close their inning with feisty 250 runs. Waiting for Vanuatu’s response.

Update 10:10 AM EST

Vanuatu’s inning has started, 3 runs so far in 2 overs and no loss.

Update 11:10 EST

Vanuatu in shaky position, 35 for 5, 17 overs.

Update 11:31 EST

Vanuatu in real mess, 53 for 7, 23 overs. Follow live updates at #nepalvsvanuatu.

Update 12:02 PM EST

Vanuatu sinks! Nepal wins by a mile.. 159 runs. Congratulations!


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