A Failure Like Nepal

At Down with Tyranny, the blogger expresses frustration over ongoing political tussle in Washington over the debt ceiling and the Federal Aviation Administration funding dispute. His choice of doomsday scenario comparison? Well Nepal, of course.

He passionately declares that the Republicans, with their misguided policy, are pushing the US towards failure. Like Nepal, US could have civil aviation that depends on gods and not science and technology, like Nepal US could have no food quality control or pollution control. And like Nepal US could be a place to pity.

Not sure if US is really heading the Nepal way. I mean the debt ceiling and the FAA funding and other host of issues the Republicans and Democrats are fighting about, they are not the real issues. The real question is whether the county will be more poor/ middle friendly or cater to the rich and kick the poor. It is clear the Republicans love the rich or as they call them ” job creators” and Democrats.. Well they still have to grow a spine before debating any issue. In this tussle, US is losing track of important things and sliding, but not that far. It will catch down to Malaysia or Singapore before getting to Nepal’s level.

Now, the “Nepal as failure” yardstick. It is bit cheesy to go that far down and compare world’s largest economy to one of the poorest in the world. What purpose does it serve? Other than to show off the writer’s lack of imagination in finding a better yardstick , or show his pettiness. And yea, for the party that gave us Sarah ” I can see Russia from my house” Palin, do you seriously think ” Nepal” would ring a bell??


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