What is Behind this Wave of Planned Hysteria Against Nepal?

So the fake hysteria over Nepal’s alleged anti-Christian government is being whipped up again. We discussed about this last time, the people crying over Nepal turning into a fundamentalist republic where only Hindus are welcome, had sourced their flimsy accusation on an op-ed which was already slammed in Nepal for its bias.

Now the  hate mob is back again with another outrageous accusation. I wonder if they had made the same accusation against any other country, what the reaction would have been. Nepalis are very calm when it comes to slander, sadly.

Beliefnet has published this slanderous piece which claims, among other things, that Nepal’s new constitution could ban fighting for women’s rights and helping in times of natural disaster.

“There are other concerns that the new constitution would make disaster relief work illegal. Also banned could be any challenge of social injustices such as caste oppression and women’s inequality.”

And who is their source for this baseless accusation? Unnamed “Christians”.

The writer who has so casually accused a nation of moving in the direction of tyranny and disenfranchisement should at least have the courage to back up his claim ( no matter how fake those proofs are). Hiding behind unnamed sources to justify his lack of knowledge and understanding on Nepal and its culture and society is inexcusable. To then use that uninformed view to assassinate character of an entire nation is a moral and ethical crime.

I ask the writer to go and contact a real Nepali Christian ( not some unnamed person)  and get the facts. I can give him names, he wants. But please quit whipping up this hysteria against Nepal.


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