Nepali Asylum Seekers Around the World: A Brief

Story of popular singer Bhagwan Bhandari seeking asylum in the US prompted me to do a quick search and here is a brief update on Nepali asylum seekers around the world who are in the news.

British Churches Support Nepali Asylum-Seekers


“Govinda Pokharel and Jamuna Rijal of Coverdale Baptist Church in Ardwick, Manchester, are facing an anxious wait to see if the immigration system will accept fresh evidence that could keep them in Great Britain.”


Nepali asylum seeker Kishor Dangol moved to deportation centre


“He said he was devastated at the prospect of leaving behind his life in Fife.

“I feel very sad because I have been here for 12 years and my life is here,” he said. “If I go back to Nepal, how can I start again? There’s been too long a gap.

“Also, the political situation in Nepal is very bad just now. There’s no constitution and there’s no security. It’s a very unstable country right now.””


Cohen Milstein secures political asylum for Nepali nurse


“January 27, 2010 – A hearing held today in a U.S. immigration court in Baltimore resulted in a victory for Cohen Milstein’s client, a Nepali nurse who had been violently persecuted by Maoists.

According to court testimony, our client had been persecuted by Maoists on account of her: 1) Christian faith, 2) refusal to provide assistance to, or ideologically support, the Maoists, and 3) association with a U.S.-backed humanitarian organization (the United Mission to Nepal).  Maoists had repeatedly abducted and physically tortured our client and ultimately placed her on a “blacklist,” which contained the names individuals that Maoists intended to kill.  Our client subsequently fled to the U.S. to seek asylum.”


Judgement in case of Nepali asylum seeker in Australia. His petition was denied and documents presented were deemed fraudulent.

Khadka Vs Holder, landmark decision on asylum petition by a Nepali .

“Khagendra Khadka entered the United States on November 6, 2002, on a B-1 visitor visa. He applied for asylum in early December. He claimed that his service in the Nepali police force, and his family’s affiliation with and support for the Nepali Student Union and Nepali Congress, exposed him as a target for Maoists. He stated that Maoists had threatened his life, demanded money from his family, and were actively searching for him.1 Along with his application, Khadka submitted a large amount of documentation of his service in the Nepali police force and UN mission in Iraq, as well as affidavits from family members and a neighbor about threats that he had received. He submitted an article from the Tarun, a weekly Nepali newspaper affiliated with the D Faction of the Nepali Congress Party, that reported his activities fighting Maoists and Maoist threats to his life. The asylum officer who interviewed Khadka referred the case to immigration court, and a notice to appear charging him with removability for overstaying his visa was issued one week later.”


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