Nepal’s Budget 2011/12 is Finally Here

After yesterday’s drama and subsequent cancellation, Finance Minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari is finally getting his day in front of the parliament. He is presenting Nepal’s budget for fiscal year 2011/12, major news outlets(Kantipur, Nagarik) are live casting it.

But the drama is not over yet. The budget, it seems,was leaked out to the media before the formal presentation. It is customary for a government to release general details related to the upcoming budget,but this time it is being reported that the entire text was out.

Former finance minister Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat questioned validity of the budget presentation in the parliament in light of the leak, according to Nagarik live update.

Nepali tweeps don’t seem optimistic about the budget, which is understandable considering years of unfulfilled promises and also less than inspiring track record of current finance minister.

“@connectask: #npbudget सरकारी कर्मचारीको मात्र तलव बढाएर महड्गाई तिनिहरुलाई मात्र हुने हो भन्ने खालको वजेट किन सुनाउनु।”

( why raise salary of government employees to show that inflation affects only them?)

“@niraj_1974: now finally the ‘baarta’ is over and government going to announce ‘expensive criterias’ to survive in nepal :(( #npbudget”

“@prem_adh: सरकारले कर्मचारीको तलब ४२ प्रतिशत बढाउनुहुने भएछ, कुन दिन मा चै लोकसेवा को परीक्षा दिन अल्छि गरिएछ ! #npbudget”

( salary of government employees will get 42% raise. Why didn’t I appear for civil services examination!)

“@sujanpoudel: प्राईभेट कम्पनीको पनि तलब स्केल तोकेर लागु गराउनु पर्ने हो,दिन नसक्ने नराखुन,न्युन तलब मा काम लगाएर बेरोजगारिको फाईदा लुटेकाछन #npbudget”

( there should be a minimum wage standard for private companies too. Those who can’t abide, don’t hire. Many are taking advantage of unemployment and pay meager salary)

“@deepakadk: it’s 2011 and the FM is talking about installing computers in the govt off in Dillibazar. #npbudget”


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