Nepali Movie “Challenge” Getting Positive Reviews

For years now, Nepali movies have been continuously bashed for being low quality Bollywood copies lacking soul and identity. New movie Challenge is getting positive reviews, it seems once in a while Kollywood does manage to break the mould and present something news and refreshing. The promo embedded here looks interesting, and I must admit unlike any other Nepali movie I have seen.

At, Sapphire has published a review of the movie.

“The movie had mix of all the ingredients that made it highly entertaining. The movie had generally good flow aided with high-tech actions, sound effects, breathtaking scenes from Nepal (specially Jomsom / Mustang area), and glittery touch of the western world. The movie had actions, twists, turns, & mystery that gave a good 2-2.5 hours of roller-coaster entertainment experience. The two actors Resh Marhatta and Ayush Rijal gave good solid action performances and two actresses Rekha Thapa and Khusbu Neupane gave sizzling performances comparable to any other Bollywood hotties. Above all, the movie is set to be a Kollywood milestone in terms of technical excellence: photography, sound effects, and action stunts.

In my view, the movie had few serious flaws too. English conversation has been used so profusely that it may not go well with a typical movie goer in Nepal. At places, the story plot gets confusing and the flow of story tends to stall. Some scenes (like motorcycle racing and police conference rooms) have been repetitiously used on several points of the movie.”

So, the only complaint is on the langauge department-too much English, which may not attract audience from rural areas. Well, if that is the only problem this movie has then I say it has a good future.

For more information the movie Challenge, visit their Facebook page. You can send them mail at

6 thoughts on “Nepali Movie “Challenge” Getting Positive Reviews

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  2. just saw Tv interview (lime lite) of race marhatha. so many viewers gave feed back about him, someone says he is complete hero, other say he looks like bollywood actor, one lady says, he speaks good english..(funny…one.) and most of them request via live interview: please stay in nepal and do some more, we search on the net……now we saw this.proud news. Also, new lady on this promo ? looks like bollywood style, someday i want to be actress as well now..he.he. .

  3. yea it is true..,, batch 16, sano sansar, first love, aacharya and now this movie challenge.. nepali movie rocks yar. love this promo.

  4. arey wah!! kasto ramro promo… neplai film harule pani yasto pragati gareko dekhda khushi lagyo… sabai hero heroin ramro lagyo…

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