Peaceful Nepal and Autism Awareness

Anil Giri at United We Blog for Democratic Nepal says that number of armed outfits in Nepal has gone down remarkably.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has claimed that the number of armed outfits operating across the country has significantly come down, thanks to the government’s operations against the groups that were launched nationwide one-and-a-half years ago.”

Hopefully, the cycle of violence will now end and there won’t be any more conflict orphans. Speaking whom, here is a blog you can follow to learn about Orphans of Nepal Trust, which supports needy orphans (not just conflict ones). Started by group of young people, their work is inspiring.

Autistic children in Nepal are also getting some attention, thanks to aware parents and hard working doctors. Often ignored, brushed aside and treated as a shame on family’s name, children with special needs in Nepal do not get the care and attention they deserve. Autism, in Nepali context, is especially tough to diagnose and there are very limited services available for the child and the family.

For more on special needs and disability reality in Nepal and what is being done, visit Resource Center for Rehabilitation and Development.


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