Shameless Attacks Once Again: Based on an OpEd

Couple of weeks back, we discussed about how some online publications and writers are whipping up non existent drama and calling Nepal a ” dangerous repressive Mao land”. Well that nutty bunch is active again.

A deplorable OpEd appeared at Republica Daily which was very biased against Christians. Looking the tone of that piece, safe to conclude that the writer isn’t too warm towards other religious minorities either. Which goes against Nepal’s values and our quest to be an inclusive democracy. No Nepali Christian or Muslim should be characterized as an outsider just because of their religion.

Now, the online bunch of trouble mongers are using this OpEd to justify labeling Nepal as Saudi Arabia’s cousin. Shameful and unethical journalism at worst.

These people are ignoring the counter column which was published in the same paper. A Nepali Christian wrote that column and it shows the strength our often troubled democracy and free press. We have young people like Sraddha who are opinionated and articulate and who are smart enough to see the facts and not go around crying wolf. Our system is barely working but it is there and there is hope.

These websites, so focused on tarnishing Nepal’s already fragile image should frankly get a life! Or a journalism and facts crash course.

One thought on “Shameless Attacks Once Again: Based on an OpEd

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