Mero Report Blogger of the Week: Madhusudan Guragain

Madhusudan Guragain is Mero Report Blogger of the Week for July 6,2011. Congratulations!

He is based in Banepa, Kavre and started his journalism journey back in 2052 BS (1995 AD), working at local radio station and a weekly paper . He was also a contributor for a current affairs program at Kathmandu based community radio station-Radio Sagarmatha.Currently Guragain serves as Nepal Republic Media (publisher of Republica and Nagarik Daily) correspondent.

Insecurity, meager pay and lack of training, Guragain says, are the foremost challenges for Nepali journalists.

At MeroReport, he regularly shares local event reports. On taking up blogging as, Guragain says  that blogging has made it easier to connect with like minded bloggers and readers living abroad, which gives him the opportunity to learn and share.

Visit Madhusudan Guragain’s page at Mero Report here. You can read his regular news reports at Republica.


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