Is it Tibet or China or Our Incompetence?

Reports of Nepal “tightening screws” against Tibetans in the country are once again making headlines. Flood gates of venom against Nepal and it’s supposed lack of spine to stand up to China is being dissected and debated.

The Associated Press, reporting on Nepal’s decision to ban Dalai Lama’s birthday celebrations , says

“Hundreds of riot police blocked the Tibetans from entering a school on the northern edge of Katmandu where the celebrations were planned.


Only students wearing school uniforms were allowed inside the compound, while other Tibetans including many monks and nuns were stopped.


Police detained three Tibetans who tried to hold a prayer meeting on the street. A brief scuffle broke out but no one was hurt.


Tibetan gatherings in Nepal generally turn into protests against China, with participants shouting slogans demanding an end to Chinese rule in their homeland.”

Well, can you really blame Nepal for being so weak? The country has been an Indian co-opted state for decades, more so after democratic revolutions( 3 and counting). There is no coherent foreign and national security policy and what India wants, India gets.

This state of dependence has stripped Nepal of it’s backbone. Now any one promising assistance and serious cash can win over the country. In comes China.

Can’t blame India and China completely. They have to look after their interest. So, who will take the blame? everyone seems to be fending for themselves, except for Nepal. The country is in perpetual state of turmoil, politicians are too busy squabbling to care and the people are too fed up to notice. As long as this state of irresponsibility continues, Nepal will stay India’s stooge and (slowly) turn into China’s yard.

Nepal better start owning up It’s problems and fix them before its too late.


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