Delhi Belly and Censorship

So, Amir Khan’s much awaited and much hyped movie Delhi Belly has been banned by Nepal’s Censor Board.

Censorship and government backed guardianship of public morality is nothing to cheer about. Nepal is a democracy and the law guarantees free press and free expression. Why ban a movie because it fails to satisfy moral standards of bunch of government officials? It is a slippery slope when government tries to be art critic.

The audience though should have a say on this and the initial success of Delhi Belly shows that the people are fine with the profanity used in the movie. But the public acceptance make gratuitous vulgarity ok? That is debatable. Profanity for profanity’s sake is not art, it is a marketing ploy. As an audience, I don’t condone this type of cheap stunt. But looks like very few are complaining, so the show goes on.

Republica Daily is reporting that Amir
Khan has asked the Censor Board to reconsider it’s decision. I believe it is time to reconsider the board itself. There should be a body to make sure that socially and legally unacceptable materials are not in a movie, it is just common sense but is censorship the answer? If a movie has vulgarity, rate it as adult or have age restrictions. Don’t just ban it, that the easy way out and does not fix anything.This board’s immaturity is showing and it is time to perhaps rethink the ban culture.


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