Oxbridge and Glacier:Nepali Colleges Get Extra Creative with Names

Whats in name? The college has to offer good education and good environment, my father used to say when I was looking for appropriate school in the US. My dreams were stuck on Harvard and Stanford but my score made even for-profit schools seem like distant dream. Anyway, I managed to find an OK school in Florida. It was named after its founder. None of my friends had heard of it and they constantly teased me! and I was the lucky one.

Because hundreds of students in Nepal(especially Kathmandu) are struggling to  explain their school names to bewildered parents. Oxbridge (when Oxford and Cambridge had a son/daughter in a hurry in Nepal), Kathford (hmm one of the parents must be Oxford or Stanford, not sure), Liverpool, NASA, Pentagon-these are hip Nepali colleges, and there are many with even more creative and crazy names.

The fascination our colleges have with an English name is beyond the realm of reason. Near my neighborhood there is school named Science Memorial. Thank heavens my parents didn’t send me there. How would I explain that name to my potential employer or to a professor, as a Science major no less!

And the race is still on, in break neck speed to come with even more insane names.Apparently, these colleges didn’t get the memo that while education quality and environment matter most, if you name yourself Oxbridge or Kathford, you are definitely sending  wrong signals to your students and to your community.

Yes, trying to prove yourself a distant relative of famed Stanford or Oxford University is a good marketing ploy and it does make you look very “high-class” and hip. But does that eagerness to align yourself with world-class universities reflected in your commitment to provide great education? If not, then you are insulting Nepali language,heritage and intelligence of the people by your meaningless English sounding name.

Here are some tweets on Nepali Colleges and their creative names.


3 thoughts on “Oxbridge and Glacier:Nepali Colleges Get Extra Creative with Names

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