Nepali Colleges and Their Creative Names

Enjoy and be thankful that you are not student at Oxbridge or Whitegold College. 

@bhumikaghimire newly arising +2 colleges from this year : Discovery , Liverpool ,Whitegold and Mega .#nepalicollege
June 29, 2011
RT @gentlerajesh: @rubeenaa @bhumikaghimire Einstines Revived in Einstein’s college with zero degree scientific approaches 😀 #nepalicollege
June 29, 2011
@bhumikaghimire @sushilpokhrel there’s one called Oxbridge (oxford and cambridge jodera) and Caribbean, Caspian too lol
June 29, 2011

friendycalls ♛Friendycalls

@bhumikaghimire deficiency of Names for colleges has been a major problem now #SouthEasternStateColg #NasaInternational #White/Green-field

svbel Subel Bhandari

@bhumikaghimire some of my favorites stupid college names in nepal are: oxbridge, nasa, glacier, and the usual stanford, harvard, etc

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