Mero Report Blogger of the Week: Fani Mahat

Fani Mahat is the Mero Report Blogger of the Week for June 22. Congratulations!

Resident of Rautahat, Mahat has been actively involved in journalism-print and broadcast, for last 7-8 years. He an engaged blogger too, actively supporting Mero Report.

Fani Mahat. Image via Mero Report, 2011.

Due to lack of proper infrastructure in Rautahat, Mahat was introduced to the cyber world and blogger not very long ago. He reminisces the days during Maoist led insurgency when the district didn’t even have proper telephone lines, and that was just 5-6 years back.

Mahat’s blog focuses on social issues and he appreciates the comments and feedback from readers. He sees a lot of opportunities for journalists in Nepal, provided they work on their professional capacity building and stay on the right side of the law and society.

On citizen journalism platforms like Mero Report and blogs, Mahat says that they are a great medium to share local information with a global audience and says that more Nepali journalists should join in.

Fani Mahat’s Mero Report profile can be viewed here.


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