Nepal: Hail the Mayhem Lord and the Law be Dammed!

A reporter is attacked by leader of a political party’s youth wing. Forget reasonable conclusion, this is Nepal. The attacker gets support from the big guys of his party( the Prime Minister’s party, by the way), and has not been charged or arrested. The poor reporter is recovering from serious injuries and so far has not heard a word of apology from the political party or the youth wing-forget any promises on delivering justice.

To add tot this chaos, when Police arrested the chief of the youth wing, violent protests broke out in various parts of the country. Apparently, there are people in the country who believe that political activists belonging to influential parties should be free to beat up anyone.

Nepali journalists are no taking this lightly and have been demanding action against the attackers, and urging the government to respect free speech. Unfortunately, this whole fiasco is not an issue of free press but has roots in the current and growing culture of lawlessness and corruption.

Political parties have crowned themselves Lords and Masters of Nepal. Their followers and members are thus the spoilt Prince and Princesses. They throw tantrums when anyone dares discipline them. This reporter was doing his job. Why thrash him? because they can! Obviously, there are people within these parties who have told them not to fear because the country is their piggy back; otherwise how to explain this level of brashness. They don’t fear law enforcement, the people, heck they don’t even fear their own leaders.

Nepali press is under serious attack. It will stay under attack as long as this culture of violence and high handedness continues. Trashing a reporter is a symptom of this cancer killing the country. Cure the root cause first, establish some order in the country.


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